Thursday, May 26, 2016

A long shot...

At the end of 2014, Walmart launched a "Food Pantry Holiday Makeover" campaign. This campaign would provide $1.5 million in support to 75 food pantries across the country, determined by public votes.

Even though it was a long shot, Joan from Andover Congregational Church Pantry rallied the people who supported the program’s mission. They had voters from Puerto Rico and as far away as Bermuda. By the end of the campaign they were notified that they had been selected to receive $20,000!

The money would go to support infrastructure improvements as well as new equipment purchases to improve service. With money in hand and support from local businesses, family and friends, the new pantry building officially open on May 16, 2016, making it easier for them to serve families in need. It is truly amazing what can happen when the community comes together for one great cause...congratulations to Andover Congregational Church Pantry, well deserved!

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