Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Model for Breakfast in the Classroom

Lincoln Elementary played host to Foodshare’s School Breakfast Challenge yesterday. With school back in session, connecting kids with healthy food is top of mind for many parents, teachers and administrators. James Arena-DeRosa, President and CEO of Foodshare, took this opportunity to spotlight New Britain for the district’s overwhelming success serving breakfast in the classroom.

“At Lincoln Elementary, more than 700 kids start each day with a healthy breakfast,” according to Arena-DeRosa. “That’s more than 100,000 meals served during the year, at no cost to the kids…and that’s only one school!” 

While many schools across the state are eligible for federal funding to support breakfast in the classroom, less than half of Connecticut kids receive breakfast each morning. “If you live in Hartford, there’s a one in two chance you will not get breakfast. Change needs to happen, and at a much higher level to ensure the decision to operate a breakfast program does not fall to each individual school.” 

Foodshare’s President was joined by School Principal Elaine Cabral, former Assistant Superintendent Ron Jakubowski, and Food Services Director Mike Koch. In the week leading up to this visit, Arena-DeRosa participated in a School Breakfast Challenge, skipping the most important meal of the day to raise awareness during Hunger Action Month.

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