Friday, November 18, 2016

Local Kids Promote the 'Power of Peace'

Foodshare extends its gratitude to Power of Peace members Abhiram B. (15), Meghana (15), Sreenidhi (16), Neha (14), Kumar (15), Abhiram T. (15), Aravind (12), Akshatha (13), Vaishnavi (12), Rushil (13), Arvind (11), Varun (11), Abhinav (13), Sivani (12), Goutham (14), Bhavana (15), Mantra, Sreekar, Ankith, and Arun and their families for their donation. Thank you for living up to your motto: “For the Kids, By the Kids.”

Six school kids: that’s all it took to start a grassroots movement for positive change. In 2013, Power of Peace was founded by Abhiram B., Meghana, Sreenidhi, Neha, and Kumar. Power of Peace stepped forward to raise money for an orphanage in Bangor, India, as well as “close-to-home” charities, mostly those focused on children. The group has since expanded to 20 members, and one of their goals for the past few years has been to eradicate hunger.

Earlier this year, they held their annual fundraising event, filled with music and dancing. They used a portion of that to donate $3,200 and 23 turkeys to Foodshare last week after United Way matched their donation. The founders shared that they they hope to break the stereotype that you need to be of a certain age to promote change.

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