Monday, November 21, 2016

This Little VISTA Goes to Market

This past Friday, Communications VISTA Carissa had the opportunity to visit Foodshare's Regional Market in Hartford. Here is reflection of her experience:

"I visited the Regional Market in Hartford, also known as Little Foodshare, to sort donated produce. I met Steve and Miguel (interim coordinators) as well as volunteers from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) on their regular 6-month visit. The banter was lighthearted and cooperative as we sorted pallets of beets and carrots into smaller bags to be distributed on Mobile Foodshare trucks. The facility is clean, organized, and busy as staff and volunteers use forklifts to transport the pallets from the delivery vehicles to the scale before its arrival in a designated cooler. 

 Thank you so much to the wonderful group from UTC for making me feel welcome and helping our hungry neighbors!"

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