Friday, November 18, 2016

Who Does Your Turkey Help?

"I was unemployed for 8 months in 2014. Exhausted my unemployment benefits and was struggling to find a job. I did end up finding temporary work making $10/hr part time but as a single mother it wasn't enough. When I received a final warning that my electricity would be shut off I reached out to our town for help. I was surprised and grateful that they paid my bill for me (I was just hoping for an extension so that came as a surprise). But then I was served with an eviction notice. I was only a month behind on rent and have never been in this position before.

While I was scrambling to figure out what to do, I received a letter in the mail from our town offering to provide us with an entire Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. I was blown away. Honestly, Thanksgiving was the last thing on my mind but the gesture meant so much more to me than I can put into words. It gave me hope and showed me that people really do care.

By some miracle, everything ended up working out for me and my family, but the whole experience put everything in perspective. There are so many families struggling so much more than I was, who aren't as fortunate to have everything "work out". I want them to at least have a normal thanksgiving and know that people care. Now that I'm working and back on my feet I want to give back. Thank you for all that you do."

Visit to find a drive happening near you this weekend, or to donate online. Let's make sure every family--all 15,871 that requested a turkey--can celebrate Thanksgiving this year!

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