Thursday, July 1, 2010

In The Spotlight: Freshpoint

Founded in 1865, FreshPoint’s mission is to help sustain local farms by supporting their efforts to provide a wide variety of produce that is fresh, healthy, and safe. They are the primary provider of local produce to devoted foodservice operations in our area who are committed to the resurgence of locally grown product in the marketplace.

Among one of the first donors to Foodshare, they have contributed millions of pounds of fruit and produce, helping our hungry neighbors throughout Hartford and Tolland Counties. In 2009 alone, they donated more than 327,000 pounds. Dave Yandow, the Executive VP of Sales, also serves on Foodshare’s Board of Directors, ensuring that his company’s efforts go beyond that of major donor. His time served as a member of the Food Industry Council has helped to promote Foodshare’s mission by encouraging fellow food industry members, local farmers, suppliers and trucking companies to become involved. And every single year since the event’s inception, FreshPoint has participated in the Food Industry’s Convoy of Caring!

FreshPoint gives back to our community in many ways, beyond just Foodshare. In addition to utilizing their purchasing power to sustain local farms, they also contribute to dozens of organizations that help to preserve farmland, give food and shelter to people in need, and help in the fight against deadly and life-changing diseases. Thanks FreshPoint for making a difference in our communities!

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