Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In The Spotlight: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

As the community foundation for greater Hartford, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is permanently committed to improving the quality of life for residents in Hartford and the surrounding 28 communities. Foodshare is just one of the hundreds of lucky organizations to be supported by the Hartford Foundation's generosity. Nearly as long as we have been in business, they have been helping us to grow and expand, offering support of more than $2.3 million since 1983 for a multitude of programs that have shaped Foodshare's overall mission!

Over the years as Foodshare has grown, so has our building, encompassing two major building campaigns. Both of these were backed by the capital support of the Hartford Foundation.

More important, however, is how the Hartford Foundation’s continued support has helped Foodshare become the effective and policy-changing institution it is today.

The Hartford Foundation has a unique interest in the needs of the Greater Hartford community, with a desire to fund programs that they know will have a long-term, positive impact on those in need. The Hartford Foundation funding has enabled us to provide staff training, hire consultants, and improve our infrastructure...all in the name of growth! In 2006, the Hartford Foundation even awarded us $75,000 in “transitional” funding to help meet expenses caused by a rapid, temporary, and unbudgeted increase in gas prices.

Most recently, in 2008, a 3-year $375,000 grant helped to launch Foodshare's “new” strategic plan. The grant funds new website development, expanded communication/outreach expenses, expanded fundraising cultivation, as well as multiple new staff positions. All of these elements are crucial to improving our public outreach in hopes of not only increasing food distribution to meet the growing need, but allowing us to focus more on the bigger picture...alleviating the root causes of poverty that are to blame for hunger.

The Hartford Foundation truly understands our work, and is dedicated to eliminating poverty and hunger as much as we are. So, thank you from Foodshare and all of our hungry neighbors, to an organization who has helped make us who we are today!

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