Monday, February 6, 2012

Whole Foods Market donates

Whole Foods Market on Main Street (Bishops Corner) in West Hartford is the latest store to start recovering food utilizing  the help of the Foodshare volunteers.  Although Whole Foods Market has an extensive array of cut to order meats in its meat department, it also has a wide selection of extremely high quality commercially packaged meats, too, that is ideal for recovery.  Last Thursday was our first day participating in their recovery/donations program withFoodshare volunteer Melissa Adams.  In an effort to help both the store and the receiving agency who has already regularly benefitted from Whole Foods Market’s food recovery programs, Melissa started recovering the donated meat and delivering it to the South Park Inn, only minutes away in Hartford.

Thank you Erica, Lapila, Mike, Ian and all the others at Whole Foods Market for making this possible and for your continued partnership with Foodshare in our mission to end hunger!!  And thank you to Melissa and all of the other volunteers who pick up store donations for Foodshare.

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