Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Volunteers filling the space and making a difference!

When I returned from a lunch meeting yesterday, this is what the Foodshare parking lot looked like!  I drove all the way around the building and the only empty spaces were one reserved for a hybrid vehicle and those reserved for handicapped permits.  In July!  Wait a minute, July, you say? I thought Foodshare's parking lot only looked like this during the Thanksgiving season?

With the continuing growing commitment of people throughout Hartford and Tolland counties, this is what “Join the Movement toEnd Hunger” looks like!

The expansion of Foodshare’s Bloomfield distribution center, made possible by the “Bridging the Gap Campaign,” means we now have room to accommodate much larger volunteer groups.  Today’s large group was from Hartford Hospital's Intern program.

In fact, there were just over 50 volunteers helping to reclaim donated food in the expanded work area, which translates to more food available, more quickly.

In addition to the 40 volunteers from Hartford Hospital, there were 5 of our regular volunteers, and 7 community service volunteers working in the expanded volunteer area yesterday afternoon.  These volunteers sorted and packed for distribution 8,525.5 pounds of frozen meat and 8,100 pounds of bread!  Some of this food is, no doubt, on Mobile Foodshare trucks or in local food pantries, being handed out to people in need today!

Of course, there were also a few more volunteers working in the office or other parts of the building.

A portion of the Hartford Hospital group pauses for a photo

Would you like to Join the Movement and volunteer to help solve hunger?  Go here for some more information and feel free to contract Keith to organize a group from your workplace, school, or place or worship, or contact Edna to arrange to volunteer as an individual.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I couldn’t very well park my car in a handicapped space, so my SUV ended up in the hybrid space.  I’m not yet driving a hybrid as none of the early models would have towed my camping trailer.  Maybe my next car!

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